Waterloo Region Family Network

A New Outlook for an organization helping to empower families with special needs.

Graphic Design + Art Direction: Erin Martin
Inspiration + Strategy: 3rd year. Conestoga College Design Students
Photography: Emily Leung

The start of a new look for a business making a difference in the community.

Waterloo Region Family Network approached HIM•HER to be there brand ambassador after first connecting at a student design event, Create-A-Thon where designers help not-for-profits improve their branding message in the hopes to grow their programs.

In Mentoring the students with the re-imagining WRFN’s brand, a consensus was formed amoungst the team to incorporate the feeling of individuality and community. Although sometimes looked at as contradictory terms, the purpose was to evoke the understanding that all families have their unique needs, but there is a support network willing to educate and empower both families and children with their unique needs.

Taking the brand one step further

One year after a successful presentation from the design students and the delivery of their beautiful brand package WRFN board of directors identified one more need: how can we be more sensitive to parents?

Parents need to feel reassured that their children are safe with us, that we care and that their children are treated with equality – because they are equal.

We quickly jumped on the opportunity to take on the branding of WRFN to the next level. A brand that connected with parents. Something that felt reassuring, empathetic and empowering.