Powermat Website Relaunch

Powermat came to H•H to relaunch their website with the need for better focus, performace and scalability.

Technical Direction: Justin Frenette
Art Direction & Design: Erin Martin
Web Development: Kayleigh Johnston, Justin Frenette

Powermat Architecture

The need for increased performance and improved scalability came from previous issues and limitations of their WordPress/Varnish setup. We proposed a new architecture based on the follow stack:

  • Heroku for hosting and horizontal/vertical scaling
  • Contentful for decoupled CMS integrated through API's
  • Redis-to-go for caching templates and saving on Contentful API calls
  • Cache invalidation through web hooks
  • Node.js + Express.js with Handlebars templating engine

The new stack maintained the content freedom the marketing and PR team needed to manage the site while providing the monitoring and scalability needed to handle large traffic spikes.

Powermat Results

  • ~2.5s page load time
  • Under 150ms response time at 150 clients/second
  • Production deployments through git in seconds
  • Horizontal scaling through Heroku in seconds
  • Faster development time using more modern stack


  • SalesForce lead creation
  • Instagram feed
  • Google Analytics events
  • Custom Contentful import/export script