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Discovering Home

Aligning a multifaceted real estate brokerage and platform with a unified culture and brand identity.

Zoocasa is a full-service brokerage that was acquired in 2015, by visionary new leadership. Looking to establish themselves as a top brokerage, supported by the latest technology and marketing strategies. They sought the help of Him & Her to help them revamp their brand to reflect their vision for the future.

Brand Identity

To establish a clear strategic direction, we actively engaged stakeholders at Zoocasa to define and organize their brand elements. Through discovery and collaborative sessions, we delved into the core essence and purpose of the company. Working closely together, we distilled their strong driving force into tangible pillars that formed the foundation of their brand identity. Finally, guided meetings validated the findings, fostering alignment in the strategic direction for the brand.

Visual Identity

Establishing the brand as a top agency.

Our task was to help Zoocasa redefine their core messaging and reinvent their visual identity. This was critical to ensure that the strategic findings were reflected in the market.

After an in-depth analysis of competing brokerages, discussion of moodboards, and visual identity exploration, Zoocasa’s new visual identity emerged. With scheduled check-ins and collaboration, we ensured alignment at every step of the way.

Final Logo

The final visual identity of Zoocasa reflects the all-encompassing concept of “find your home with us”. Signifying the idea of searching and finding what you are looking for, whether you’re just beginning to search for a property using their technology or working with a Zoocasa agent. The refined logo includes a modern and simple word mark that reflects a more elegant and experienced brokerage group. The two O’s are complimented with a circular motif that represents a pair of binoculars that are used throughout brand applications as a complimentary icon.


We created comprehensive templates for Zoocasa’s team to easily apply the new brand identity to their website, printed materials, and customer communications.

Internal Culture Guide

As Zoocasa expanded their internal team, they required a robust internal guideline that would encompass core values, brand essence, position, voice and tone, and visual identity guidelines. The brand guidelines serve as a single source of truth for understanding and alignment among team members.


To effectively share the values and culture of the company with prospective agents and employees, we designed a compelling web version of the brand guidelines. This online version serves as a captivating window into Zoocasa's vibrant organizational environment.

Through intuitive navigation, engaging content, and visually appealing design elements, the web version effectively communicates the core values, and culture that make Zoocasa unique, as well as an exceptional place to work.

The result

The Zoocasa brand became more modern and sophisticated, portraying their strength in the industry. Through an acquisition in 2022, the brand remained a steadfast and unifying force, seamlessly integrating with the company's operations. The internal culture guide provided a strong foundation for employees to align themselves with the brand's core values and identity, fostering a sense of belonging and pride.