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Creating a memorable and remarkable brand system

Solidifying the Accelerator Centre's position as a world-class innovation hub by creating a memorable and remarkable brand system

While possessing the essential ingredients of a globally renowned brand, the Accelerator Centre struggled to gain awareness beyond the boundaries of Waterloo Region and wasn't as well known as the companies they helped launch. The current brand representation fell short of capturing the true essence of the Accelerator Centre's achievements and impressive track record. A brand revitalization was essential to authentically reflect their accomplishments and forward-looking vision.

Brand House

The first step of solidifying the brand was compiling a brand house—a tool that organizes the positioning, unique differentiators, and the "why" that makes the Accelerator Centre so innovative and unique. We conducted exercises like stakeholder interviews and workshops which helped shape the final positioning statement, vision, mission, brand pillars, and experiential attributes.

The arrival of their new CEO during the brand house process helped consolidated the vision for the Accelerator Centre.

Client workshops helped craft their messaging

Visual Identity

Our next step was creating a refreshed identity that infused innovation and excitement into the brand.

Our task was to create a unique and standalone visual identity that positioned the Accelerator Centre as a world-class innovation hub. It was critical that the identity aligned with the findings in the newly defined brand house.

We conducted several key exercises, including analyzing competitor logos, creating moodboards, and initiating the first rounds of sketches. These steps were essential in guaranteeing the development of an exceptional final product.

Finalized Logo

The final visual identity signifies all the "pieces" or "building blocks" that come together as a whole. Once assembled, these elements create stylized representations of the letters "AC". The negative space within the lowercase "a" serves as a central point, from which multiple intersecting pathways branch out in various directions, symbolizing the extensive support provided to their founders.

Accelerator Centre assets including a formal document, a pen, and business cards.
An Accelerator Centre billboard on a small sidewalk board.

We designed proprietary graphics that were specially tailored to the Accelerator Centre and its revitalized brand identity.

Updated website

To compliment their new visual identity, we designed and developed an updated website. It included a seamless and optimized application process and aligned with the brand, vision, and operational roadmap. It currently provides a user-friendly experience, ensuring easy and straightforward engagement. The website serves as the central hub for marketing and community development, and remains instrumental in driving their initiatives forward.

The refreshed website was fully responsive and featured a streamlined application flow and updated operational roadmap.

We launched a gamified social media campaign that led users on a scavenger hunt through five illustrated Instagram profiles to unveil the new identity.

The illustrated social media rollout led users on a scavenger hunt through five Instagram profiles to uncover the new AC logo.
A close up of an Instagram post for the Accelerator Centre of an astronaut in space.

My expectations were significantly surpassed when working with Him & Her. The team generated wonderful and creative ideas that met our goals. The end product was meaningful, impactful, and beautiful.

Ruth Casselman | Board of Directors