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Firing up a D2C eCommerce
experience with ShopifyPlus

A shopping experience for the professionals and backyard enthusiasts alike that matches the quality Crown Verity stands for

Imagine having access to all of the precise equipment that comes with a professional indoor kitchen—in your backyard. With Crown Verity, this dream is the reality. From high-quality grills to certified handwashing sinks to patio heaters, Crown Verity is an established brand that has everything both a 5-star chef and a homecook need to shine.

We worked with Crown Verity to transition their website into a fully functional, direct-to-consumer eCommerce platform with a new visual aesthetic and accompanying marketing campaigns.

New website homepage design


After meeting with Crown Verity to discover their needs (and drool over photos of sizzling steaks), we aligned with their goal to launch a D2C eCommerce offering in order to evolve and adapt their retailer-only approach.

We conducted industry and competitor research to understand Crown Verity’s target audience, what competitors were doing, and how we would measure success. This led us to develop a headless eCommerce website with advanced search configuration, separate USA and Canadian domains, a UX tool to Build Your Own Grill, case studies for content marketing, and multiple ad campaigns.


New website eCommerce information architecture


Crown Verity also wanted to update the structure and aesthetic feel of the website to better engage customers and drive sales—not rebranding, but redesigning. We developed an information architecture for the site that was clean and logical, and included more opportunities to showcase products. The new designs included a contemporary, more inviting font, a bright colour for CTA buttons to improve scannability, and solutions- focused copywriting that put more emphasis on customer benefits.

Crown Verity wanted to update the structure and aesthetic feel of the website—not rebranding, but redesigning.

Website module element collage exploration


Crown Verity is now selling their products online, in Canada and the USA, with their headless ShopifyPlus eCommerce website! Featuring tons of filter options like category, product type, and price range, plus high-quality photos and product descriptions, the store is seamless to navigate and make an online purchase on. It’s also easy for retail shoppers to find a dealer near them through the map of all locations on the Contact page.

Now, homecooks and Food and Beverage Managers alike can purchase Crown Verity products online and have them delivered straight to their door.

Website eCommerce experience

The team at Him & Her are a balance of professionalism, personality, and creativity. They want their clients to succeed — this sentiment is reflected in their exceptional work.

Amanda Dickson | Corporate Brand Manager - Crown Verity

experienced in complete solutions


Shoppers can customize a grill to fit all of their unique outdoor cooking needs, adding straight to their cart or getting a custom quote. The app is optimized for mobile as well as desktop, so shoppers can intuitively build and purchase their own grill from their smartphones. Whether they’re a food manager for a golf club or a homecook looking to personalize their outdoor kitchen, Build Your Grill guides them through the process of designing their own unique grill (rotisserie, anyone?).

BYOG? Yup—Build Your Own Grill, with the Build Your Grill app we developed.

Build Your Own Grill tool


One of Crown Verity’s goals was to increase awareness around other products—they offer more than just grills.

They’re facilitators of exceptional outdoor hospitality experiences. They prioritized product lines that would benefit their customers during the pandemic, like portable handwashing stations and outdoor dining options.

We shifted the focus from grills to lifestyle solutions, highlighting different ways residential and commercial clients can build a fully functional—and safe—outdoor kitchen.

handwashing is so simple
the importance of portable handwashing
washing stations


In order to reach new audiences and promote the online marketplace, we’ve helped Crown Verity become more strategic with their marketing efforts. This has included branded eblasts to promote products to specific sectors, digital ad campaigns, social media giveaways, and more. Coupling high-quality photography with enticing copy has resulted in increased brand awareness and sales for Crown Verity.

Ongoing marketing

Product campaign – social media and landing page


The redesigned website, digital campaigns, and eCommerce platform have enabled Crown Verity to expand into new markets where customers can appreciate the same craftsmanship in the online experience as they do in their grills.


growth within direct-to-consumer channel


SKUs successfully launched


users in first three months after launch
*Since the launch date

Website landing page design

Mobile landing page designs