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It's not a myth anymore

Christie wasn't just looking for visual assets, they wanted to be a part of the creative process each step of the way.

When tasked with reimagining the lead graphic for the Griffyn product series, our team knew we needed to create an illustration that would elevate and amplify the product release of the next item in the line: the Griffyn 4k35.

Throughout the design process, we were meticulous in our attention to detail, considering every aspect from the shape of the Griffyn's feathers to the animation effects of the RGB flames. The end result is a dynamic and unforgettable illustration that can be utilized in various print and digital applications, including a large-scale projection at trade shows.

No detail too small

Attention to detail was key when it came to designing the new illustration. Our team carefully considered every element, from the shape of the feathers to the curvature of the beak — even the presence of ears was up for discussion. Through extensive conversations with the client, we were able to build the exact Griffyn that met their vision. One major goal was to ensure that the new illustration could be easily recognizable as a griffin, even if only part of the creature was visible.

We worked closely with the client to bring their vision to life, crafting every detail of the Griffyn creature together, step by step.

A group of hand drawn sketches of the Griffyn head, eyes, and beak.
A group of hand drawn wing and feather sketches.
A group of hand drawn sketches of Griffyn foot sketches.
A group of hand drawn Griffyn tail sketches.

Our team prioritized creating a pose that would clearly communicate the personality and character of the creature. After many iterations, we settled on an action pose that was proud and confident, with outstretched wings as if the Griffyn was about to take flight.

A gif that filters through various hand drawn sketches of the Griffyn in different poses.

This isn't just a Griffyn. With vibrant RGB flames across it's wings and a body made of light, it stands out as the personification of this product.

To further enhance the Griffyn's personality, we added RGB flames — a critical element from the original illustration. The flames and the light treatment perfectly captured the desired mood, with a white Griffyn representing the quality of light in the product and all the colours in the light spectrum coming together.

A grid of six different poses for the Griffyn.

Final refinements and illustration

Despite the challenges involved in painting the Griffyn, we suceeded in creating an animated creature that looks alive and moves in a realistic way — with legs, arms, head, tail, and wings all subtly shifting. The coloured flame effects undulate around the Griffyn, providing an additional element of visual interest and energy.

Each element of the Griffyn was carefully considered before moving on to colour and illustration.

Bringing it to life

Our team's effort combined with Christie's stewardship has resulted in an illustration that embodies the unique character and spirit of the Griffyn product series. Whether projected on a grand scale at trade shows or viewed in static print and digital applications, the Griffyn stands out as a dynamic and unforgettable presence. Keep an eye out for the Griffyn's mythical form in future events and products, and you may find yourself wondering if this legendary creature truly has come to life.

The final illustration was unveiled at the Integrated Systems Expo 2023 in Barcelona, Spain.